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Frequently Asked Questions


1. Is the training full contact? The vast majority of the summer season is zero to limited contact. We do this because most of our students are competing in summer tournaments, prospect days, showcases, etc. We want to prioritize their health while also enhancing their game. Players should still bring all of their gear to each session. 

2. Do we have to sign up for the entire summer season? Yes, we are building our training programs around long term athletic development. We are focused on working with athletes and families who are serious about making a commitment to their development and we believe the seasonal approach is the most accurate way to best serve our community. 


3. What if we can only make one night a week?  We strongly encourage players to participate in Summer of The Beast even if they can only attend one field session a week! We have many players who are planning on only attending one night a week because of their club team practices. Between the weekly field sessions and weekly mental performance training, we are confident that being a part of our culture will enhance their player and life experience. 


4. How does the Mental Performance portion of the program work? Director Alec Wortman will lead the students through our Embody The Beast framework every Sunday at 8PM starting June 4th. These sessions will be no longer than 20 minutes. Each session will be recorded and sent out the following day to all students and parents so that they can listen in if they were unable to make the live session. Topics include: E.B.T. Framework, Mindfulness, Meditation, Breathing & Relaxation, Confidence, Self-Esteem, Focus, Self-Talk, Optimism, Gratitude and much more. 


5. What are the additional Development Resources provided? Notebooks, wall ball checklist & challenge, film & IQ development guides, journal prompts for mental performance and character development, nutritional guidance zoom call & more. 


6. What is the BIG 3? The BIG 3 is the main skill that we will enhance within each player. For offense it is PASSING/CATCHING, DODGING, SCORING. For Defense it is ON BALL, OFF BALL AND WITH THE BALL. Within each of these categories we have broken out every skill and micro skill you can think of. 


Example: SCORING is much more than just shooting, it includes off ball movement and decision making. Players will learn a plethora of off ball cuts and techniques that help themselves and their team SCORE! (Scoring also includes shooting technique)


OFF BALL defense includes communication. Our process teaches players how to go from Decent to Good to Great and then Elite communicators. (This is a defined process that they will learn at session 1) 


7. What can we expect from this program? You can expect a thoughtful and detailed approach to your son's player and personal development. You can expect him to leave training sessions a better player than he walked in. You can expect a first class service led by a staff of professionals whose only goal is to have a massive positive impact on the lives of the students that we are so lucky to work with. At the end of the season, your athlete will be a better person and player. 

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