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Our Leaders

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Michael Mabry


Michael Mabry is driven by a profound dedication to serving others, a commitment that has defined his professional journey since earning his degree from Christopher Newport University in 2016. His passion lies in the meticulous craft of player and personal development, a pursuit he has tirelessly pursued. In May of 2021, Michael forged a pivotal partnership with Volition Partners LLC to bring his vision to fruition, giving life to an academy that aims to revolutionize youth sports and beyond.

Coach Mabry is renowned for his infectious enthusiasm and unwavering clarity of purpose, traits that infuse his work with vitality and direction. His expertise spans a diverse array of disciplines crucial to peak performance and holistic wellness. He holds certifications as an EXOS Performance Specialist, a Nutrition Coach accredited by Precision Nutrition, and a Mental Performance Mastery Coach under the tutelage of Brian Cain. Furthermore, he is a certified Sources of Strength Trainer, empowering school psychologists, counselors, teachers, and students alike to embrace a wellness-centric, strength-based lifestyle.

Through constant study and hands-on experience, Mabry has cultivated a comprehensive approach to development that resonates with student athletes nationwide. Whether working with teams and students in the DMV area or extending his reach across the country, Coach Mabry, affectionately known as Coach Mabes, remains steadfast in his mission. His academy, bolstered by virtual and in-person programs, stands as a beacon of support for sports communities far and wide, embodying his unwavering commitment to excellence and empowerment.

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Casey O'Neill

Vice President

Coach Casey O'Neill brings a wealth of experience and a proven track record to his role as Vice President and Executive Director of Mabry Academy, a position he has held since the fall of 2021. With over 23 years of coaching lacrosse, including a distinguished tenure as Head Coach at Gonzaga College High School spanning 14 years, Coach O'Neill's impact on the sport is profound.

His coaching accolades speak volumes: boasting an impressive overall head coaching record of 211-54, Coach O'Neill has clinched nine WCAC championship titles, earned the title of four-time WCAC Coach of the Year, and garnered recognition as a Washington Post All Met and US Lacrosse Potomac Chapter Coach of the Year. Under his guidance, his teams have consistently ranked among the nation's best, with four-time top-three national rankings and an impressive streak of nine National top 25 team rankings. Notably, he has nurtured the talents of over 120 collegiate players, with more than 15 of his protégés assuming college captaincy roles.

Beyond the field, Coach O'Neill's impact extends to the broader athletic community. Having served as an Assistant Athletic Director for 14 years, he has lent his expertise to 17 different sports, coaches, and thousands of student-athletes. His commitment to youth and high school sports clubs, as well as numerous charity organizations, underscores his dedication to the holistic development of athletes both on and off the field.

Coach O'Neill's own athletic journey, marked by a standout performance in three sports at Gonzaga and collegiate lacrosse at Lehigh University, further informs his coaching philosophy. His championship-winning experience at Lehigh University, coupled with receiving the team's prestigious "Coach's Award," attests to his commitment to excellence and leadership.

Outside of his professional endeavors, Casey O'Neill finds fulfillment in family life, residing in Silver Spring, MD, with his wife Erica and their three children. Embodying the values of Mabry Academy, Coach O'Neill is deeply invested in realizing its vision, mission, and principles alongside founder Michael Mabry. His multifaceted role encompasses 1v1 development, seasonal group training, college roadmap guidance, team and coaching mentorship, and staff growth and accountability oversight. Additionally, as a Mental Performance Mastery Coach, Coach O'Neill equips athletes with the mindset tools necessary for success both on and off the field. Under his stewardship, Mabry Academy continues to set the standard for player, team, and coach development, cementing its reputation as a beacon of excellence in the lacrosse community and beyond.


Alec Wortman

Director of Mental Performance

Alec is a recognized authority in Mental Strength and Wellness coaching, armed with a Master's in Sport and Performance Psychology and currently pursuing CMPC certification with the prestigious Association for Applied Sport Psychology. He's been instrumental within the Mabry Academy Leadership Team since 2022, spearheading transformative mental performance programs for athletes, coaches, teams, and academic institutions.

Alec's journey into mental strength training began during his collegiate years where he was a team captain and record holding pole vaulter at the University of Maine. His infectious enthusiasm and ability to connect with younger individuals have made him a catalyst for excitement and growth in the realm of mental skills and wellness.

In his first year with Mabry Academy, Alec has revolutionized mental performance initiatives, leaving a lasting impact on high school lacrosse programs and athletes at the NCAA and International levels. His expertise extends beyond the field, nurturing academic excellence, facilitating smooth transitions for athletes, and instilling resilience in the face of challenges.

With over a decade of experience coaching and counseling young athletes, Alec is dedicated to guiding performers toward holistic growth through mental strength training. His commitment to empowering individuals underscores his status as an expert in the field, inspiring a new generation of athletes to reach their full potential.


  • Master's in Sport and Performance Psychology

  • Currently in the process of receiving CMPC certification with the Association for Applied Sport Psychology


  • Provided mental performance coaching to the Israel Men’s National Team

  • Designed and delivered a resiliency training program to underprivileged/low SES elementary students that showed a 62% improvement of self-management, emotional wellbeing, and self-regulation

  • NCAA Division 1 Pole Vaulter from 2014-2018 for the Men's Track and Field Team at the University of Maine where he served as a team captain

  • Alec has accrued over 10 years of experience coaching and counseling young men and women and has narrowed his scope of practice specifically to the holistic development of youth populations within sport and life.

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