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and Life Skills


Integrating Performance & Life Skills


The skillset that controls everything.

The Mabry Academy believes that integrating mental fitness into a persons' life will yield positive results both on and off the field. By providing young people with this instruction and guidance, they will be more equipped to reach their full potential in all areas of their life. Our purpose is to enhance and transfer knowledge to have a massive positive impact, and we believe that through the delivery of performance and life skills guidance, we will achieve that together.

Performance Programs

1:1 Performance Coaching & Mentorship

Unlock Your Potential with Personalized Guidance

Elevate your mental game through one-on-one coaching tailored to your unique needs. Our experienced coaches work closely with individuals to enhance mental skills, boost performance, and foster a resilient mindset, both in sports and daily life.

Cognitive Climb

A Journey to Mental Mastery

Embark on a progressive series designed to sharpen cognitive skills essential for success. The Cognitive Climb Series offers a structured approach to developing emotional intelligence, focus, mindfulness, and leadership. Each step of the series builds a foundation for peak mental performance in both sports and everyday challenges.

Mental Performance Integration for Organizations 

Cultivate Peak Performance Across Your Team

Transform your organization with our comprehensive mental performance integration. We collaborate with schools and teams to instill a culture of mental strength. This program enhances the performance of athletes and positively influences coaches, creating a winning mindset that extends beyond the playing field.

Team Mental Strength Training & Integration

Unleash Collective Excellence in Your Team

Elevate your team's performance with our Team Mental Strength Training & Integration. This program focuses on uniting the strengths of individuals, fostering resilience, and developing effective communication and leadership. Experience the power of a mentally robust team that excels on and off the field.

Pricing & Plans

We work with your budget to help your team reach their full potential.
We work with teams anywhere from 1 work shop to 1 year.

Who is it for?

This program is for you and your community! We partner with schools and teams to improve performance by teaching mental skills that their athletes will use in both their sport, and everyday life. Our approach positively impacts coaches and athletes of all ages.

From Our Recent Workshops


Coach Wortman was an intricate part of our foundation in the build up of our team for the 2023 World Championships.

He was tasked with delivering meaningful content over a 6-month period to a team made up of players aged 20-32, from a variety of backgrounds, and he beyond exceeded any expectations that we had of mental performance training.  

His expertise in the mental performance field allowed for the team sessions to be informative, diverse in skill and go in any direction the team needed in the moment.  His commitment to learning about our team and team identity allowed for the sessions to be meaningful.  And his ability to read the room and deliver a message to a group of ppl made his sessions powerful (especially in person).  

Bottom line, Coach Wortman's expertise in the field, sacrifice in making the "curriculum" unique to our team and his ability to deliver a message allowed for a much greater IMPACT on our players & our team performance. 

We do not succeed at the level we did without Coach Wortman being a part of our staff. Period.

Max Silberlicht - Head Coach

Israel Men's National Team


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